Building Surveying

The BSGM blueprint is to provide an agile, accurate and reliable service to all clients underpinned by a blue collar work ethic.  We use agility and accuracy as an ongoing metric for success of the company.



  • Reviewing drawings at schematic and design development stages.

  • Advising on non-complying matters and cost-effective remedies.

  • Assessment of, and granting dispensations using our in house expertise or expert reports from appropriate engineers.

  • Assessment of protection work for adjoining properties.


  • Using performance-based building solutions to allow innovative design and construction methods.

  • Preparing briefs to fire engineering for performance-based regulatory assessments.

  • Proposing flexible and cost-effective ways to achieve regulatory compliance.


  • Assessment of applications for building permit and providing a prompt and accurate response.

  • Reviewing architectural and service engineering documentation.

  • Performing statutory inspections throughout construction and others as required.

  • Issuing occupancy permits and certificates of final inspection.

Building audit reports


  • Assessing buildings for compliance with the current version of the Building Code of Australia.

  • Making recommendations on upgrade works and programs for implementation.

  • Coordinating engineering disciplines to present a complete building audit report covering building, engineering and occupational health and safety issues.

Essential Safety Measures


Fire safety reports

  • Assisting building owners and consultants on a broad range of fire safety issues.

  • Developing engineered and economical solutions to fire safety requirements.


    Representing owners in resolving building notices and orders issued by local councils.


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